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FA-601 Pull-Cut-Stack System


 Cutter-Slitter Unit    Pull Cut Stack System

The FA-601 is a fully automated pull, cut and stack system that allows an operator to set the width, length and ply count through an easy to use touch screen interface. The machine then runs the program with no user intervention required until the desired ply count has been reached, or the machine stops automatically when the fabric roll is finished, waiting on the operator to reload the next roll.

  • Up to 36 inch roll diameter
  • Roll weight up to 1200 pounds
  • Automatic edge control
  • Automatic alignment of elevator\clamp jaws with track height
  • Automatic shut-off upon program completion
  • Automatic out of cloth sensing
  • Automatic waste removal of edges up to 1 inch
  • Safety sensors incorporated through-out system to prevent damage to components and operators

  The modular FA-601 system consists of various modular components. Your system may include a Puller Unit, Cutter/Slitter Unit and/or Cradle Unit with/without Edge Control.

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