When manufacturing men’s dress shirts, details matter and the presentation of the final product is critical. Quality is dependent on the production machinery used, and we offer the world’s best equipment for dress shirt manufacture. We are an exclusive distributor of Lunapress, the leader in specialized pressing and fusing machinery, especially designed for dress shirt manufacture. The equipment line covers collar and cuff turn and press, contour trimming, fusing, and creasing.


Jefic Automatic Feeding Device
Jefic Model SAB-1

Jefic NS-54 Thread Cleaning Machine


Lunapress LN-2003

Lunapress CP-323T

Lunapress CP-215A

Lunapress CP-300B

Lunapress CP-311

Lunapress CP-450

Lunapress CP-1000SCH

Automatic Sewing Machines for Dress Shirts

GTN Automatic Lockstitch Shirt Indexer

GTN Automatic Lockstitch Buttonhole Indexer

GTN Automatic Yoke Setter

Conventional Sewing Machines for Shirts

Refer to Sewing Machines Section.

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