The Fox Company has specialized in the supply of equipment used in the manufacture of knit placket shirts. Over 35 years ago, the company introduced its first automatic placket setter. As technology developed, the machine was upgraded and today the 5th generation model (FX-500) is offered.

Ancillary knit placket shirt equipment is also available.

How to Use the Knit Placket Shirt Machine

The operation is:
The operator places a shirt front on the table, places the placket on the shirtfront, presents the shirtfront with placket to the machine and presses the conveniently located start button. Then the machine takes over. It sews the placket to the shirtfront hands-free, while at the same time cutting the placket in either Polo or Allen-Solley style. The sewing cycle ends, and the thread is automatically trimmed. The shirt front is then presented to the crow foot cutter if a Polo shirt is being sewn or directly to the stacker. Once the bundle of shirt fronts has been sewn the stacker can be off loaded either from the front or rear of the machine.

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