Aeronaut Elektron Mono WS

The Aeronaut Elektron Mono WS is an entry level plotter-cutters designed without compromise.
Serious heavy-duty machines with a rigid chassis designed to span over 6 meters and a new fixed cutting head. Very accurate, very fast, very powerful and close to zero maintenance.

  • New quick-change tools.
  • High torque motors.
  • Simple rugged construction.
  • High plot and cut speeds.
  • Lockable rotary blade.
  • 45, 28 and 18mm blades.
  • Drag blade holder.
  • Omniversal pen holder.
  • Drill punch with ejector.
  • Smooth, precise cutting
  • Affordable purchase price
  • Close to zero maintenance
  • Easy servicing
  • Compatible with most soft-ware and computers
  • Cheap, widely available consumables such as blades and markers
  • Widely available spares
  • Rigid guide extrusions
  • Low-backlash Cat drive

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