CLP2 Manual Long Handle Pull Type Heavy Duty End Cutter

  • Standard working width up to 60 inch cuttable.
  • Cutting head mounted on rail with bearing rollers.
  • Complete with clamping bars on each side of the cutter.
  • Manual long handle pull-type heavy duty end cutter.
  • Mountable to customers table.

Optional features can be included:

  • High speed cutting head available.
  • Button to activate automatic cutting head.
  • Additional widths available, in 12” increments.
    • Standard up to 96 inch cuttable.
    • Automatic cross cut up to 144 inch cuttable.
  • Kit comprises of:
    • Stand, table, roll holder, piece goods bar, and cones (to be “stand alone” unit, independent of customer’s table).

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