Eastman Round Knife

For cutting large radius curves or straight lines, one of Eastman’s wide range of round knife machines is ideally suited for the job.

Cardinal Series

  • Round knives designed to handle standard round knife applications.
  • Four different blade sizes, horsepower ratings and custom engineered gear ratios to choose from.
  • Baseplates and rollers provide a solid, stable platform and smooth rolling, vibration free cutting.
  • A Narrow Silhouette Standard eliminates cutting distortions and allows exact cutting on all types.
  • Optional upgrade high speed steel blades for cutting large lays of heavy, dense materials, grooved and PTFE coated blades available to reduce blade heat and eliminate fusing problems.
  • Round knife sharpening system utilizes specially designed sharpening stones to create a perfect double bevel edge on blade to eliminate the need for a shear plate to support the machines cutting action.

Lightweight Model 534

  • Low lays of wool, cotton, silk and synthetics the 534 provides lightweight maneuverability with more than enough power for positive cutting of these materials.

Standard Model 548

  • Smaller more maneuverable version of a general-purpose round knife delivers the same wide range of uses with the advantage of a smaller lighter package.

Heavy Duty Model 562

  • Model 562 features an idler gear for increased torque. The combination of torque and blade speed makes for ideal general purpose cutting of canvas, burlap, cotton, cotton batting, woolens and knits.

Heavy Duty Model 567

  • Model 567 is Eastman’s most powerful round knife is equipped with a high torque motor and dual speed option offers versatility and utility.
  • Biggest asset is its power since it is capable of the most demanding chore, including deep lays of denim or canvas.

Little Giant Model BBB32

  • Economical choice for low lays.

Slitting Machine Model 548BK

  • Model 548BK equipped with a stationary mounting bracket, instead of a baseplate, to allow the machine to be mounted for slitting operations, either single or multiple, as the need requires.

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